#Datajournos Twitter Round Up Week 5


The news through captivating infographics continues.


The “new” Top Gears demise

The worlds most watched television program was reinvented last year after the super star presenter Jeremy Clarkson was sacked for punching a producer in the face. The BBC promised they would find better presenters for the show and it would continue in all its glory. However, this might show you how colossal of a failure it really was.


Histories greatest technological related panics

This article breaks down the scale and reasoning of the human races various anxieties about new technologies. From wind turbines causing cancer to the gaming addiction epidemic its all here to have a good laugh at.


How we sleep explained

Sleep has been a hot topic in our modern society as scientific studies keep revealing the importance of sleep to our overall wellbeing. There are more apps then ever to help you sleep/ track how you sleep and the precise time you should wake up. This cool infographic breaks down the basic science behind stages of sleep we experience almost every night.


Media bias

This infographic attempts to break down various media outlets and their bias’ as well as there standard of reporting. It’s intriguing to look at however there is still much to be debated about this graphic. Nevertheless its a cool infographic idea to try compare the clutter of media outlets.


#Datajournos Twitter Round Up Week 2

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The tales of those buried in the hidden mass graves of New York

In a city so large and so alive as New York it is often forgotten what is done with those who’s souls have departed. This story shows what is done with the hundreds of people who’s bodies are never claimed by family or friends. Some families don’t have the budget to pay for their loved ones to be buried in privately owned cemeteries and some families don’t even become aware of their loved ones passings before its too late. The article details the growing push for the city to allow visitors on Hart Island where these mass graves hold thousands of deceased New Yorkers.


Gun violence in America… what will end the horror 

This times article is headed with an infographic comparing American popular opinion vs. expert opinion on how effective various gun legislation can be. It’s scary still how many of these issue are in popular favor with Americans and experts alike (like the ban on sales to suspected terrorists) but still can’t be passed through congress.


Wealthy parents = elite college education

This article examines the growing separation of wealth and higher education. The article shows the income of students parents and the breakdown of what type of college/ university the students attend. No shocker the wealthier the student the more likely they went to and Ivy, elite, or highly selective school. This growing economic segregation is solving little problems and offering fewer opportunities for those who seek the American dream.


A scary reminder we still aren’t doing enough

2016 officially became the hottest year on record and a chilling reminder that the human race still isn’t doing enough to save our planet. The amazing simply yet powerful infographic shows us the temperatures are rising more and more almost every year. Even scarier is the incoming US President Donald Trump and his team of climate change deniers don’t seem to be interested in helping the cause.

The Dutch propose a ban on all gasoline and diesel sales, could this be the worlds most progessive law?



DENVER- The Dutch Parliament passed through legislation on March 30th to ban the sale of all gasoline and diesel cars by 2025, according to DutchNews.nl. This is one of the boldest moves to reduce harmful emissions by any country in the world maybe ever.

Nevertheless this bold move in legislation has not gone without opposition many are calling it unrealistic and outright stupid for the Dutch economy. Halbe Zijlstra, leader of the parliamentary VVD party a right wing dutch party stated, “It seems crazy to me to go ahead with this plan. I believe we should withdraw from the energy agreement.” The agreement he is referring to is “energy agreement” the government made with around 40 organizations to promote green energy and reduce carbon emissions.

While there are no major automobile makers in Holland there is one very historic one named Spkyer. They build crazy high-performance machines that look like the 70’s mated with an alien. The automaker would surely go out of business if this legislation goes through.

I ask some DU students what they thought of such a law being passed here in Colorado.



Alex Rupp

Sophomore, Undeclared

What would you think about a ban on all gas and diesel cars in Colorado?

“There’s no way that could ever work here… I like the concept but it isn’t at all practical.”



Eric Hall

Sophomore, Marketing

Could you live with an all electric car in Colorado?

“No chance, as of now the technology is no where near what it needs to be for my weekend trips to the mountains and the greater southwest”




Clay Castano

Freshman, Undecided

The Dutch are trying to ban all non-electric car sales by 2025 do you think it possible?

“I think its a good idea but practically I don’t think it will work… their economy is sure to take a massive hit as well as upset many large oil producers.”


The Dutch as we speak continue to draw up a contingency plan to make this a real law and the first of its nature at that. It seems the passion to stop climate change has gained greater ground than it ever has before. This law would surely be the one of the most revolutionary environmental law of the 21st century.